3 Go-To Looks For Holiday Nails

3 Go-To Looks For Holiday Nails

The winter holiday season is upon us! Let's talk about your nails!  With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to wear on your nails.  We've come up with a guide of 3 go-to looks to help you pick your style and rock your holiday nails this winter!

Simple Solid 

Maybe you like more of a subtle style, or perhaps it's a little early in the season and you're not ready to go full-on Christmas yet.  A great option for you is a simple solid color nail wrap.  If you want to go the traditional Christmas colors route, I suggest our Cheerful Red, Deep Forest Green, or Daydream White nail wraps.  Wear each set on their own for a classic look, or create a mixed mani with all three for some simple yet cheerful Christmas vibes. 

If you prefer solid colors that aren't the traditional red, green, and white, I'd suggest our Navy Navy and Seattle Fog for a subtle nod to winter.  Again, these two nail wraps are great on their own, or together in a mixed mani. 

Deep Forest Green nail wrap with matte top coat from Ivy & Ash
Deep Forest Green nail wrap with matte top coat

Sparkly Glitter 

If you want to step it up a bit and be a little more festive with your nails, try our glitter nail wraps.  What I love most about these nail wraps is the sparkle factor!  They are oh so sparkly and pretty.  Our Rosy Red Sparkle nail wrap is the perfect way for your nails to say "Hey!  Happy Holidays!"  Silver and gold are also beautiful this time of year, so Golden Goddess and Silver Shimmer might be more your speed.

For just a touch of glitter, or to create a fun accent nail, try one of our glitter overlays.  Golden French Glam and Silver French Glam are glitter overlay nail wraps that create a sparkling French tip design.  These two would pair well with a solid red, black, white, or green.

Rosy Red Glitter nail wrap from Ivy & Ash
Rosy Red Glitter nail wrap

Festive Print 

Feeling super festive and want to show off your holiday nails to the whole world?  We have a number of holiday prints that are perfect for that!  One of our best sellers is the classic Buffalo Plaid nail wrap.  This popular design is a nice transition from fall to winter, but also cozy and festive for December. For a more playful and cute style, check out our adorable Holiday Friends and Festive Penguins nail wraps!

If you're looking for candy cane stripes, snowflakes, Christmas presents, and more, be sure to browse our Winter Collection of nail wraps now through December, as we're always adding new designs!

Festive Penguins and Holiday Friends nail wrap sets
Festive Penguins and Holiday Friends nail wrap sets

No matter what look you are going for this holiday season, if you want to start a little more simple and go a little more extravagant as we get closer to Christmas, we have nail wraps for you.  Our winter collection boasts a wide variety of colors, prints, and designs that will take you through the holiday season and into the rest of the winter months.  Be sure to browse our Full Collection to find your favorite holiday styles this year!

Happy Holidays!