5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small More Than Ever This Year

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small More Than Ever This Year

This is a special guest blog post from our wonderful friend Rosa, owner of Eden Body Care!  Rosa and her family make goat milk soap and vegan body care products, handmade with natural ingredients to benefit your skin.  They even have a farm where they raise their own goats and use their goats' milk for the soaps!  (Seriously, check out the Eden Body Care Instagram feed and stories to watch them make soap and milk their goats!)  For more info about Eden Body Care and to shop their products, visit www.edenbodycare.com.

Eden Body Care handmade goat milk soap

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small More Than Ever This Year

Gifting season is in full throttle now!  Have you started shopping yet?  Now is a good time to start shopping more from small businesses, and here's why!

  1. You can gift your loved ones some amazing and unique products which you cannot get from big box stores!  Most of these incredible small businesses we mention are handmaking each product just for you.
  2. You get quality over quantity, because small businesses just care more.  From the materials used to make the product, to packaging your order.
  3. Your purchasing power impacts real families and people.  Your support helps them get closer towards their goals and dreams.
  4. You can create real relationships and trust with the business owners to fall in love with their product and process even more!
  5. You can find just about anything from small businesses.
"Okay - I'm supporting small businesses this year!!  But where do I start?"

Have no fear, we have a gifting guide that will bring you a collection of unique products as well as help you save some $$$!  Take a look at the Joyful Gifting Guide below.

Joyful Gifting Guide - shop small for the holidays


From the Joyful Gifting Guide, you can shop baby products, candles, clothes, jewelry and so much more PLUS we have exclusive coupon codes listed under each business just for you! Go shop today at joyfulgiftingguide.com.

Most big companies aren't going anywhere, but small businesses need your help more than ever now.  Join us in shopping 1 in 5 from small businesses this year, meaning for every 5 purchases you make, you will make 1 from a small business.

Remember, make a small change by shopping small, and make a WORLD of difference to that small business and family!


-Eden Body Family-