Guest Blog:  Unleash Your Inner Sparkle

Guest Blog: Unleash Your Inner Sparkle

Guest blogger Maureen Kovacik, owner of Blythe Baubles, shares why she loves Ivy & Ash nail wraps, especially the glitter! Be sure to check out Maureen's jewelry shop where she specializes in bracelets and earrings made from recycled glass beads, polymer clay, and semi-precious stones.

"Okay, I am going to sound a bit cliché here, but please hear me out…life happens. There’s good stuff, and there’s bad stuff. Of course, we deal with it accordingly, and in our own way. We also know, what we wear affects how we feel. It doesn’t necessarily define us, but it can alter our mood. It can reflect how we feel... or how we want to feel.  

As you may know, I sell jewelry. I founded Blythe Baubles with the intention of helping people not only feel good in general, but also feel good about themselves. Each piece of jewelry is designed to bring happiness to someone in some small way. I like to call it “a little dose of happy”.

My focus today, though, is on the beautiful nail wraps from Ivy & Ash. Before I found them, I had pretty much given up on my nails. They are short and kind of flimsy. Also, there’s no way I would spend the money for a salon manicure on these pitiful things. I would rather use that money on something else. 

Enter these awesome nail wraps…in so many patterns and colors! I tried them once, and have been hooked ever since! I am rough on my nails, and these wraps last at least two weeks on me. That’s a big deal in my little world. And who doesn’t love value? Soooo affordable! 

My personal favorites in the Ivy & Ash collection are the ones involving glitter. I will buy patterns and whole sets of glitters to use as accent nails within the pattern set. 

I can’t resist sparkles. When I wear them, all I have to do is glance at my nails, and I instantly have a mood boost. And as we all know, those little mood boosts can make a big difference in how we face the day.

It’s like looking at the prettiness reaches inside us and frees a little piece of happiness…or sparkle…that may be drowning in our everyday drudgery. That’s what glitter does for me. 

Sparkles may not be for you. Colors or patterns may be your thing. Ivy & Ash has plenty of those, too. I am not claiming these will solve all your problems, but a little dose of happy can truly go a long way!"