3 Best Top Coats for Nail Wraps

3 Best Top Coats for Nail Wraps

Ivy & Ash nail wraps are durable and designed to last - but we highly recommend wearing a top coat for longer wear and extra protection!

Some sunscreens, bug sprays, lotions, and soaps may contain chemicals that don't play nicely with our nail wraps, causing them to become gummy or sticky. Also, increased hand washing and hand sanitizer application can wear out your nail wraps faster.  A quality clear top coat can help protect your nail wraps and ensure you get the longest wear time possible!

Woman applies a clear top coat to her nail wraps

3 Best Top Coats for Nail Wraps

We have tested several top coats to see what works best with our nail wraps.  Most top coats work just fine, but here are our 3 favorite clear top coats for Ivy & Ash nail wraps!

1. Essie Gel Setter

We absolutely love the Essie Gel Setter clear top coat.  It is a thicker polish with a wider brush for easy application.  It glides on the nail smoothly and dries within a few minutes.  The Essie Gel Setter top coat provides a thicker, gel-like finish to protect your nail wrap for days.  

2. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

For mamas on the go and other busy folks, we recommend the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails top coat. This quick-drying, strengthening top coat dries the fastest of the three. It is a thinner polish that applies quickly and easily, giving you a glossy shine and great protection in minutes.

3. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel clear top coat is the thickets of the group, though it still applies smoothly with good coverage.  This top coat utilizes the natural UV rays from the sun to harden throughout the day, leaving you with a solid gel finish. 

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