Bare nails to Boss nails in minutes.

Getting bomb nail art has never been so quick and easy! With Ivy & Ash nail wraps, your new mani is ready in minutes with these simple steps. Bonus: your nail wraps are made to last up to 10+ days - plenty of time to show off your unique style.

  • Prep your nails.

    Remove dirt & oils from your nails with soap & water or rubbing alcohol; trim & shape nails as needed.

  • Select your size.

    Select the nail wrap size that best fits your nail. In between sizes? Choose a wrap slightly smaller.

  • Remove nail wrap.

    Remove the clear plastic covering sheet & gently peel off the nail wrap from the backing sheet.

  • Apply your wrap.

    Apply the nail wrap to your nail, gently pressing from cuticle to tip to smooth out any air bubbles.

  • File off excess.

    Fold the nail wrap over the top of your nail & file off any excess using a downward filing motion.

  • Add a top coat.

    Finish with a clear top coat for longer wear and extra shine & protection.

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Tips & Tricks

♦Avoid submerging your hands in water for several hours to allow the adhesive to properly set.

♦Nail wraps should not cover cuticles or skin. To adjust, quickly peel off and reapply if needed.

♦Use nail polish remover (including non-acetone and soy-based nail polish removers) to remove nail wraps.

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