Our Company Values

Ivy & Ash is a woman-owned small business that offers an eclectic selection of modern, hip nail art.  But, we're more than just nail wraps.  

Our core value at Ivy & Ash is simply this:
to embolden & celebrate ambitious women.

We strive to be a strong female presence in the world of entrepreneurship, and to create stunning nail art that empowers you to feel like the boss you are.

Meet Our Founder

Hi there!  My name is Gabe, and I am the owner and founder of Ivy & Ash.  I was born to be an entrepreneur, and my first love was... trombone.  I know, probably not what you were expecting!

I grew up surrounded by music and turned trombone playing and teaching into my career.  I have celebrated many successes in this career, but having the entrepreneurial spirit, I wanted to try something new.  When the pandemic hit, and I found myself with a lot more time on my hands, I took it as the perfect sign to start a new venture.  After a lot of research in both nail wraps and how to start and run a product-based business, Ivy & Ash was born!

A major underlying current throughout my life and in all of my business ventures has been "girls can do this, too."  That has always been my huge why.  As a female trombonist in a male dominated field, I wanted to inspire girls and show them that they can play this instrument and this kind of music - it's not just for boys. 

This same energy followed me when I launched Ivy & Ash.  I want to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner to show others, particularly other women, that yes, girls/women can do this, too. 

Thank you for supporting my small business.  Shopping small, specifically from women-owned businesses, means a lot - not just to me, but to women and girls all over the world.  

Are you a female entrepreneur, too?

Check out these books & podcasts I love that get me energized and educated while I make my way on this crazy journey!

Gabe's Book & Podcast Recs - Coming Soon!